Keeping your home cool in the summer while not paying an arm and a leg in utilities can seem downright impossible sometimes. With the installation of a whole house fan, you can cool your entire house in minutes without blasting your a/c!

How it works:
A whole house fan is installed in your ceiling and, with your windows open, pulls all the warm air in your house up through your attic, out your attic vents, and replaces it with cooler, fresher air from outside. The best time to run your whole house fan is early in the morning or later in the evening - typically for 30 minutes - when outside air is cooler. A whole house fan may run all day if the temperature outside is tolerable, creating an all day "breeze effect."

With or without centralized air conditioning you can effectively control the temperature of your home with the installation of a whole house fan. At a fraction of the cost to run an air conditioner, the installation of a whole house is a wise investment. To read why the Department of Energy calls them "energy savers," click here. Weather you live out east in El Cajon or La Mesa or near the beach in La Jolla, Del Mar, or Point Loma Revolution Electric can help you with the process, from size of the fan to installation. Give us a call at 619-333-6609 today!